Dienstag, 22. November 2011


Hey guys. 

I've taken a virtual sponsorship for a dog in a german animal shelter. The dog food manufacturer Pedigree donates food/money to animal shelters for every virtual sponsorship. It's an facebook campaign. And since I think many of you are on facebook give you a jolt and click the "like" button.  Pedigree   
Tomorrow I wanna donate some food and pet stuff to the Hamburger "Tiertafel".  Tiertafel   They collect donations and give them to poor people with pets. They shall ensure that they don't have to give up they animals. There are a lot old people whose pension is so small that they normally couldn't afford their pet but with that help it works. 

Otherwise I just help to revise my website. I hope that it will be ready soon. :) I'm planning to put music onto it but first I have to find out the guidelines for that.... If it works you can look forward for a few songs... Let's see ;-)

It's getting sparkling.... :-D