Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Little travel post

Hey guys.
My boyfriend and I visited the Alternativer Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald.
As you may know I decided to suppport the bear foundation with selling "my" audio book which you can find here:

The bear foundation rescues bears and wolfes from bad keeping which sadly happens mostly all the time in circuses, zoos and private captivity. The park is a big area where the saved ones should and could learn "normal" bear- and wolf like behaviour.
Thy have to quest for their food, have the chance to hibernate if they want to and of capital importance: They will never be beated, tortured or agonized again.

I think it's a supportitive project and I would be glad if any of you would think about helping by donating cause the foundation could really need every cent for the care taking of these beautiful animals.

Montag, 1. Juli 2013


Hey guys. 
A little addendum to my little concert from the first of june. I hope you like it. :-)